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  Taxonomy Manager

Company Name:
    Lockheed Martin - U.S. General Accounting Office
Contact Information
    Susan Doran

    District Of Columbia, USA
    Phone: 202-512-4367
    SUMMARY: The GAO Thesaurus forms the basis of indexing and searching for GAO reports through GAO's Publications Database. It is an impressive document and resource, but needs updating. Additionally, GAO plans to evolve this organizational resource beyond its current usefulness. Long-term plans may include leveraging the existing thesaurus and new, linked taxonomies throughout the organization for multiple purposes (for example, GAO "teams" seeking guidance and assistance in adding metadata to and organizing their web pages). SALARY: $50,000-60,000 range CLOSING DATE: July 13, 2004 TAXONOMY MANAGER RESPONSIBILITIES: The GAO Taxonomy serves as the basis for subject indexing and the retrieval of resources from the GAO Publications Database; it also informs the information architecture of GAO’s web site. · Update, maintain, modify, and provide quality assurance of the GAO Thesaurus--according to customer requirements, software specifications, library science and knowledge management protocols, and established business rules. · Continually augment and refine content, structure, and format of GAO Thesaurus to meet existing and emerging customer needs. · Solicit input from indexers, database searchers, librarians, and other GAO and contract staff to identify changes, modifications, and deletions to the thesaurus/taxonomies. · Build algorithmic “rules” for the Machine Aided Indexing (MAI) system, which draws on GAO's main taxonomy. · Build and maintain strong, trusting relationships with technical and non-technical customers and coworkers in identifying performance gaps and emerging needs, addressing customer/user needs and issues; responds to customer requests with tight deadlines. · Conduct research of and monitor appropriate outside sources (e.g., taxonomies from other federal agencies) to continually improve quality, relevance, and currency of GAO's thesaurus; initiate and maintain relationships with counterparts in federal agencies to enable relevant knowledge-sharing. · Assist with formulation of policies, processes, procedures, and standards relating to thesaurus/taxonomies. · Monitor thesaurus/taxonomies, machine-aided indexing, and related database transaction activity and utilization; provides reviews of activity and performance through progress reports. · Identify maintenance and enhancement issues relating to taxonomy design and integration with new and existing customer KM applications and systems. · Ensure that data integrity issues are identified and proactively addressed. EDUCATION: Masters degree in Library Science, knowledge management, information management, linguistics, or related field--and 3 years of relevant professional experience: required. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: · 2 or more years experience creating, updating, and maintaining thesauri (or other hierarchical controlled vocabulary system): required. · Keen understanding of Boolean logic: required. · Experience with writing rules (algorithms) for machine-aided indexing system highly: highly preferred. · Government contracting or consulting experience: highly preferred. · Experience in the following: project coordination; meta data creation and metatagging; indexing; database creation and maintenance; knowledge management initiatives: preferred. · Creation, coordination, and maintenance of multiple thesauri/taxonomies: preferred. ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: · Well-developed communications skills required-equally as skilled at careful listening, being flexible, and accepting of customer ideas, plans, and approaches--as at putting forward one’s own opinions and ideas: required. · Demonstrated customer service orientation--extremely responsive to customer requests and inquiries, capable of very quick turnaround, able to switch gears without trouble if indicated by shifting customer needs: required. · Ability to be productive in an environment where one sometimes takes initiative and sometimes is relied upon to be a team player: required. · Demonstrated ability to be self-directed and also to ask questions and be open to direction and input from customer or supervisor when needed: required. · Demonstrated ability to multitask, think critically, and meet deadlines: required. · Exceptional analytical, language/linguistic, and conceptual skills: required. TO APPLY: Email resume and cover letter to Susan Doran (dorans@gao.gov) by July 13, 2004.

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