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  SUPERVISORY LIBRARIANS (Research Specialists)

Company Name:
    Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service
Contact Information
    David Christopher
    101 Independence Ave, SE
    District Of Columbia, USA
    Phone: 202.707.8825
    SUPERVISORY LIBRARIANS (Research Specialists) Congressional Research Service, Washington DC The Congressional Research Service (CRS) will be establishing a Knowledge Services Group (KSG) and seeks six Supervisory Librarians to serve as Section Heads within the KSG. A major component of the KSG will consist of six sections organized by policy research area: The American Law Section; the Domestic Social Policy Section; the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Section; the Government and Finance Section; the Humanities and Reference Section; and the Resources, Science and Industry Section. In support of the CRS mission of service to Congress, information professionals in the KSG will advise and inform both the US Congress and CRS analytical staff by providing expert on-demand information research, information products and resources, product updating, information resource management, briefings and seminars, consultations on research methodologies, and customized training on information research and resources for individuals and groups. The Supervisory Librarians will be responsible for effectively managing staff in order to accomplish the work of each section; anticipating and identifying the changing needs of Congress by keeping informed of the work; using knowledgeable contacts and authoritative resources; collaborating with other CRS managers; and developing information products and services that best meet the needs of congressional clients and CRS research divisions. The incumbents will be granted a high degree of independence, exercising considerable judgment in carrying out duties and responsibilities in accordance with industry best practices and CRS guidelines and policies. In addition, each incumbent will possess knowledge of information resources and the principles and/or best practices of librarianship and information science to integrate information research with public policy or legal analysis in the policy areas covered by each section as follows: American Law Section--A range of legal questions that may emerge from the congressional agenda and representational needs of Members, from constitutional questions of separation of powers and executive-legislative relations to inquiries arising out of federal, state, and/or international law. Domestic Social Policy Section--Education, labor, immigration, health, welfare, social security and retirement, aging, and domestic security. Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Section--Political, economic, and security developments in the world; terrorism; human rights and peacekeeping; international organizations and financial institutions; foreign aid; national security policy; the Department of Defense and military services and operations; defense budget; weapons systems, weapons proliferation and arms sales; intelligence as it relates to national security policy; trade-related legislation; US trade performance and investment flows; reciprocal agreements; export promotion and import regulations and tariffs. Government and Finance Section-- Federal tax policy; banking and insurance policy; federal fiscal and monetary policy; the organization and operation of Congress; the organization and management of the federal executive and judicial branches of government; the congressional budget and appropriations process; American intergovernmental relations and federal grants-in-aid programs; elections and campaign finance laws; the structure and operations of American political parties. Resources, Science, and Industry Section--Agriculture, environment, energy, natural resources, industry, transportation, science and technology. Humanities and Reference Section--Biography; history, religion, philosophy, literature (including quotations), philanthropy and foundations (including grants), psychology, sociology, anthropology, and performing arts. These positions are being offered at the GS-15 level ($100,231-$130,305). To apply online (preferred), visit http://www.loc.gov/crsinfo or call 202.707.5627 to request an applicant job kit. Please refer to the appropriate vacancy number in all correspondence. Applications must be received by August 26, 2004. Located within the Library of Congress, CRS is the public policy research arm of the United States Congress and is fully committed to enhancing workforce diversity.

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